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Refresh and transform your bedroom, kitchen or any room with replacement wardrobe doors, cupboard doors, drawer fronts and interior lighting. Our Handles, Doors Styles, Designs & Accessories Gallery contains a huge range of images of: Handles for Doors & Drawers, Door Styles & Designs, Mirror and Glass Sliding Door Designs, Various Accessories for you to see. Please select from the four links below and browse at your convenience, then call us for a FREE NO OBLIGATION visit and quote on 07836 689152.

Fitted bedrooms specialists. We have a large collection of bedroom styles for you to choose from. Please take your time to browse around our website and examine the quality fitted furniture products, along with our skilled craftsmanship, that have helped to earn us our reputation for high quality and service at the right price. Please feel free to phone us for a quote, or to arrange an appointment at our showroom to see our fitted bedrooms. Tel: 07836 689152.

Newbold Bedrooms specialise in fitted sliding doors, including glass or mirror panels as required. All of our glass and mirror sliding doors are fitted by us to the highest standards. For safety all our sliding doors use the patented Anti Jump mechanism. Our usual guarantees apply to all fitted glass and mirror sliding doors. Please take your time to browse around our website and examine the quality products we offer and for more examples please call us on 07836 689152.

Fitted offices and studies designed, built and fitted by Newbold bedrooms. Custom built to fit beautifully into your home either as part of a bedroom or as an individual room on its own. As with our fitted bedrooms and sliding doors, all of our work is guaranteed to provide you with excellent quality for years to come. Why not call into our showroom and see what we can do for you, or book a free no obligation quote on 07836 689152.